Our projects feature unique mechanics, fine-tuned gameplay, and eye-catching visual style. We are constantly experimenting with the games, looking for new trends, and trying out new genres.

Kick the Buddy

Shoot, explode, destroy — your Buddy will help you forget the stress and blow off steam!

Wild monsters, powerful weapons, and destructive elements are at your command. Get slates and money to collect the whole arsenal: rockets, rifles, cold weapons, and even nuclear bombs.

  • Total Installs: 750+M
  • MAU: 11.2M
  • DAU: 590K
  • User Rating: 4.6
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Kick the Buddy: Forever

A sequel to a hit game Kick the Buddy. Improved artwork, more weapons, tons of fun!

Realistic physics, amazing armory of weapons, and your funny friend Buddy will make you forget the stress. Choose skins, add cool effects, get daily rewards, and have fun!

  • Total Installs: 200+M
  • MAU: 337K
  • DAU: 17K
  • User Rating: 4.6
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A 2D action game with breathtaking duels and dozens of characters. Ready for an archer battle? Take a bow and shoot your enemies.

Aim precisely and calculate the force to hit the target. Develop your skills, unlock new characters, fight with friends, and have fun!

  • Total Installs: 94M
  • MAU: 8.3M
  • DAU: 796K
  • User Rating: 4.5
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Meet our hero! Victór is a sculptor, graphic artist, potter and designer. One of the most famous representatives of the "Do It Yourself" artistic movement aka DIY.

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Battle Kings

Sequel of the legendary game – Tanks Stars!

New "Campaign" mode, modern graphics and VFX, unique tanks with powerful weapons and improved upgrades system!

Enjoy and become a true Battle King!

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Design Masters

Become an interior designer!

Complete match-3 levels, create your own designs and interiors, follow the story and meet the characters.

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Tomb of the Mask: Color

A mysterious mask brought you into a strange maze.

Paint all the space to move onto the next level. But beware of the walls — some of them have dangerous hidden traps.

  • Total Installs: 68M
  • MAU: 2.25M
  • DAU: 141K
  • User Rating: 4.6
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Despicable Bear

Beat the despicable bear with dozens of ways to do this.

Assess your armory and use explosives, firearms, and cold weapons. And remember — all tricks are performed by a professional stunt bear. Don't try this at home.

  • Total Installs: 6M
  • MAU: 112K
  • DAU: 7.5K
  • User Rating: 4.7
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Tomb of the Mask

Escape the maze alive and don't fall into a trap.

You put on a strange mask and now you can walk on walls and explore mysterious tombs. Collect dots and stars and try to stay alive.

  • Total Installs: 403M
  • MAU: 17.4M
  • DAU: 1.58M
  • User Rating: 4.5
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